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We know you have a busy schedule and that deciding what to serve for dinner every night can be a challenge. Time with your family is precious and you want to make sure their meals are healthy and balanced. That's what Chef Cesidio is here for.


How does it work?

The first step is an initial consultation to establish your likes and dislikes, your dietary restrictions, your eating habits and how many meals you need taken care of for the week.


The advantages:

TIME! No more meal planning, grocery shopping, clean-up. That's more time for you to spend any way you'd like and be relaxed at the dinner table with your family. 


There is no waste.


If you are trying to stick to a special diet, this makes it a no-brainer.


A professional chef with many years of experience, to have delicious meals on the table without the worry of always eating the same thing.


This is also a great idea as a gift for an overwhelmed friend, elderly family member, or just about anyone, really. Gift certificates are available. 


Together, you will establish a plan based on number of diners, and how many times a week you need your meals taken care of.




It's your party and you're the guest. No shopping, No cooking, no cleaning up afterwards. Just you and your guests, enjoying a delicious meal prepared by an amazingly talented french chef (yes, he's got the accent too!) and after kick off your shoes and smile. You can because your kitchen is spotless. 


Whether you want a small dinner party, Cocktail party, baby shower, Chef Cesidio, has it covered. With years of experience, he knows how  to handle it all and will offer you a custom selection of menus to choose from. 




You decided to learn to cook this year? What better  way than a series of cooking classes with an experienced certified executive chef? 

In need of a fun theme for your dinner party? A cooking class party is one your friends will rave about forever.




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